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10 Signs Your Marriage Is Built on Christ

Even in relationships where both spouses are Christians, it does not guarantee the marriage is built on or aims to honor Christ, so here are ten signs that can help couples assess and discern if their foundation is constructed on love for the Savior or self.

10 Things All Wives Need to Stop Doing

We first have to wake up to the ways our automatic responses are hurting us before being able to grow and change! Here are 10 things that wives should stop doing in their marriages.

5 Ways to Reconnect When Your Husband Feels More Like a Roommate than a Spouse

In an attempt to take advantage of the small window of time we had together, my husband had suggested we not talk about our jobs or our children but instead just focus on enjoying each other’s company. Only four minutes into our kid-and-work-free conversation, here we were, awkwardly fumbling through a conversation about the weather.

Help! I'm Struggling with Sexual Sin

We have all been wounded in relationships at one time or another. Facing those wounds and healing from them is a critical step toward moving forward in our lives.

What Is Considered Verbal Abuse?

Verbal abuse is verbal abuse, regardless of the perpetrator’s faith. Bad behavior is bad behavior, regardless of any specific aspect of their person.

10 Great Ways Wives Can Serve Their Husbands (Yes, Serve!)

I may be thought of as old-fashioned, but I believe wives can serve their husbands with both joy and gratitude. But before you tune me out, or take offense at what I’m suggesting, please consider these 10 meaningful ways wives can serve their husbands (yes, serve!).


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