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10 Verses You Can't Get to Christmas without Reading

God’s words are powerful and true. And whether we realize it or not, it’s often in the busiest and most chaotic seasons that His words can get pushed aside. This Christmas, may God help us to fight against that tendency. May He help us to spend time in His presence daily, for that’s the very place we are filled and refreshed to live strong in a world that can sometimes be a struggle.

10 Verses to Include in Your Christmas Cards This Year

No matter what type of card or style of note you send, the most important part of your Christmas message may not necessarily be the great family photo, the nice gift enclosed, or even anything you have to say. It may be a Bible verse, from the Word that never changes.

10 Prayerful Meditations for Better Sleep

Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you struggle finding rest? Do you dread nighttime because of the struggle—perhaps even because of a sense of agony that comes with trying to sleep? Here are 10 prayerful meditations to help you sleep peacefully.

10 Powerful Prayers to Protect Your Children from Satan

When we pray to God, asking for our children to be protected from Satan, we should remember that we aren’t praying to a distant, indifferent entity. No! We’re praying to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! As you pray through the following scriptures, pray expectantly.

4 Signs You're Resisting the Holy Spirit

Too often we ignore the power of the Spirit given to us through Christ. Remember this is the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead! Each day we must look for the ways we resist the promptings of the everlasting Holy Spirit because rarely are we in a place of perfect obedience.


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