Does the Bible Say That Men Must Be the Breadwinners?

When my husband was out of work twice in a period of more than two years, we discussed whether I should go back to full-time work as the primary breadwinner of our family of four teenagers and a foster preschooler. I dusted off my resume and applied to several jobs, landing an interview at one we thought might turn out to be the answer to our prayers. But God had other plans, and my husband found full-time work before I did (and that job possibility I’d interviewed for fizzled out).

I’ve known families where the husband works, and the wife cares for the children. I’ve known families where the wife works, and the husband cares for the children. I’ve also known families where both husband and wife work full-time. In each scenario, it worked for their family and situation.

But sometimes, Christians can get stuck on stereotype roles not proscribed in the Bible. So, let’s take a deep dive into what the Bible says—or doesn’t say—about who should be the primary financial provider for the family.

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