How Important Is it for Christians in America to Be Involved in the Political Process?

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A great misunderstanding about the nature of political involvement is that Christians do not have a place in politics. That misunderstanding applies everywhere (in other countries) but it is especially in the United States that some believe we are supposed to be separate and outside of politics. That idea came from a group of thinkers called the Gnostics—who tried to separate things into a holy set of things (the church and doing God’s work) and a not-holy set, a worldly set, of things that you are not supposed to be involved in. But that is really not the case. You have to look at what God says about these things.

If you go to Daniel. Daniel told us specifically that God lifts up kings and puts them on their thrones and dethrones them at will. This is something the American people really have to ponder because in America—for the first time in history—you have God choosing a sovereign “we the people”. You see in the US with the system we have it is not the President that is the sovereign, it is not the Congress that is the sovereign, it is not the Supreme Court that is the sovereign, it literally says “we the people in order to form a more perfect union”. For the first time in history God made a people, the American people, the sovereign of a nation. So, the question of whether Christians should be involved in politics really doesn’t make sense. Whether you like it or not God has made you the sovereign of a nation. You are involved in politics. The question is are you going to be active about it or passive about it? Can you stand in front of him one day and say, “I’m proud of the work I did in the position you gave me”?  

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