Hurricane Idalia

hurricane idalia

For my Salty Friends on the coast, this popped up in my memories today. I shared it immediately after Hurricane Harvey devastated our Texas shores, changing the terrain and lives of my family and friends. Praying His mercies over you.


—On Wind and Wave

As long as you are self-sufficient, you need not ask God for anything.

We are bowed low now, Lord.


In deep waters, you have our attention.


With needs so great, one request answered would hardly suffice. Needs that can’t be numbered, wounds so deep they can’t be seen enough to treat.

We certainly realize our dependent State.


What then should we ask?


When storms truly strip us of every branch or crutch we cling to and brokenness reveals our lack, we are well beyond asking for mere comfort or convenience.

And we cry out simply to be saved.

And, we are.


We were saved before winds, before waves, and crested streams.

We were saved before overwhelming floods, saved before first drops fell.

We were saved before skies darkened or clouds began to form.

We were saved before the foundation of the world, saved before the Spirit hovered over the face of the deep.


What then do we ask, when we have nothing left?

Nothing except the promise—that we have indeed been saved?

We ask nothing.


With such riches, what more could we need?


We lift weary, empty hands—not to receive, or in the making of demands. We reach them high in sincerest praise.


I need not ask Him be merciful, He is.

I need not ask Him be faithful, He is.

I need not ask Him to provide or remain by my side.

Even in devastation and darkness I know He does.

I need not ask was He there, did He see, did He care?

His grace sufficient answers every question my heavy heart would pose.


Should He choose to restore, I will praise Him on dry shores for all He’s done and has yet to do.

But, should the storm rage on and the clouds never break, should my eyes close or my head sink, and I surrender unto deep—I pray my last breath will be given in worship justified.


I will praise Him all the more.

When I finally see, what I’d only known in hope before.

Friend, He Is! HE IS. He is more.

And I was saved indeed.




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