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Bible Answers Live with Doug Batchelor

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Listen to excerpted questions from Doug Batchelor's 60-minute, nationwide call-in program that lets you ask any Bible question and receive the true and accurate answer straight from the Bible.

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On My Face with God
Perfection in character means a full surrender of our lives to Christ.  A full surrender of our lives to Christ means happiness, for "a life in Christ is a life of restfulness" (2MCP, 642).  As we ask for real repentance and as we try to regain our first love and our fire for Christ, the only path is one of sincere self-examination and earnest prayer.  We must be truly intentional as we seek Him.  Join us in this installment of Bible Answers Live as Pastor Ross gives us "the prayer prescription" and carefully delineates how God can give us wisdom and discernment, and repentance and victory.  Believe.  He is waiting to make us free.

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