Phil Sanders

Phil Sanders



Born in 1951 in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Now lives in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Married to Jackie Dodgen in 1974, and parent of four daughters: Christa, Chara and Tara, and Laura; eleven grandchildren.

Oklahoma Christian College, 1974, BA. Bible and Biblical Languages Harding Graduate School of Religion, 1983. M. A. R. in Christian Doctrine Theological University of America, 1998. Ph.D. in Biblical Studies.

Speaker for “In Search of the Lord’s Way,” a nationally broadcasted television ministry of Edmond Church of Christ. Instructor, Amridge University (formerly Southern Christian University) and the Theological University of America. Involved in active ministry for more than 42 years. Former Assistant Director and Instructor, Nashville School of Preaching and Biblical Studies since 1998.



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