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Family Talk Weekends with Dr. Dobson

Family Talk Weekends with Dr. Dobson

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Family Talk is a Christian non-profit organization located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Founded in 2010 by Dr. James Dobson, the ministry promotes and teaches biblical principles that support marriage, family, and child-development. Since its inception, Family Talk has served millions of families with broadcasts, monthly newsletters, feature articles, videos, blogs, books and other resources available on demand via its website, mobile apps, and social media platforms.


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Thriving As A Blended Family - I
Did you know that 40% of parents raising children under the age of 18 are members of stepfamilies? Some might even say the non-traditional family is the new traditional family. On today’s edition of Family Talk, Ron Deal, author of Preparing to Blend: The Couple’s Guide to Becoming A Smart Stepfamily, contends that combining families does not have to be like oil and water. He encourages parents to be empathetic with their step kids.

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For nearly 45 years, Dr. Dobson has connected with families each day on his celebrated Radio Hall of Fame broadcast. For your enjoyment, we’ve selected the most popular programs of the year and presented them on six audio CDs: the Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk 2021 Best of Broadcast Collection. Join Dr. Dobson and his guests on memorable broadcasts such as The Jesus Who SurprisesRevival RisingAmerican MarxismChristianity and Wokeness, and more. Dr. Dobson’s incredible guests on these programs include Dr. Jack Graham, Gary Bauer, Kim Meeder, Mark Levin, and others in this compelling audio collection.


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