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12:00AM - 12:30AM

Hope For The Heart with June Hunt

I should be happy, so why do I feel so bad? Sometimes hopeless thoughts flood your mind despite a rich and meaningful life. Listen as June Hunt discusses the connection between your body and your emotions as she looks at a unique form of depression . . .
12:30AM - 1:00AM

A New Beginning with Greg Laurie

As believers, we have a life-saving cure for a deadly disease … the disease of sin.  And Pastor Greg Laurie says we absolutely MUST share that cure with others.  Tuesday on A NEW BEGINNING, he points out time is short and there’s never been a more important time to share the Good News.  
1:00AM - 1:30AM

Somebody Loves You with Raul Ries

'Somebody Loves You' program is designed to equip listeners with the necessary tools to live out their faith. 'Somebody Loves You' features Raul Ries' humorous, sensible and comprehensible teaching of God's Word.
3:00AM - 3:30AM

Regaining Lost Ground with Pastor Shane Idleman

THE BATTLE FOR COURAGE—A HILL TO DIE ON (2 of 3) | Pastor Shane Idleman Check the DESCRIPTION on Social Media and FB for Notes/Article: Special Note: I started a YouTube channel filled with encouraging sermons and podcasts to help in this area of boldness . . .
4:30AM - 5:00AM

Destined for Victory with Paul Sheppard


The arrogance of taking the future for granted; the importance of coming to terms with the brevity and uncertainty of one's life; based on James 4:13-17. CLICK HERE to ORDER this full message on MP3!
5:00AM - 5:30AM

The Holy Scriptures and Israel

"The Holy Scriptures and Israel" with Gideon Levytam, is a 15 minute Bible teaching broadcast that teaches God’s word from a Hebrew Messianic perspective and has proved to be a blessing to many.
5:30AM - 6:00AM

Running To Win with Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer

You need resources to defend your children and their futures, especially against the threat of sexual predators. In an age of immorality, we must respond with common sense steps to guide our children.


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